Invest in your future, become who you hope to be!

Workshops can be a great way for businesses, communities, and various groups to grow together towards meaningful relationships, and individual and group well-being.

Our workshops are action-oriented, solution-based and help you reach your group relational goals. Fides Therapy workshops are lively, friendly and efficient. Our goal is to offer you dynamic and interactive workshops. We integrate theory into practical exercises that allow discovery of self and others in order to foster growth, well-being and solidarity within your group, your team or your community.

As we state in our mission, we want to support people towards authentic love and listening to oneself and to others. Working and being in relationship with others can be challenging, but Fides Therapy workshops helps establish practical tools and ways that your group, your team and community can become a safe and secure space for individuals wanting to commit themselves to your groups mission and values.

We offer 2 different workshop formats :

Corporate skill development workshop

For teachers, animators, educators, instructors, social workers, law officers, police & military service, employees, managers, non-profit organizations, small businesses, small associations and staff groups...

Faith Based Interpersonal group workshop

For teenagers, young adults, student, adults, elders, faith communities, religious groups, bible groups, pastoral groups...