Therapy that provides hope and support in your daily life.

We offer online or in person individual therapy for pre-teens, adolescents and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence, lack of hope, lack of motivation, in search of meaning to life ...

Explore life challenges & issues

Individual Therapy can be a great way to explore personal life challenges and make sense of existential crisis. Therapy can also help you better understand yourself and help make concrete and realistic changes.

Promote fulfillment & growth

Individual Therapy can be a great opportunity to grow further on a personal level and in your relationships. It can also be a wise path for exploring and deepening life fulfillment and happiness in your daily interactions.

We offer therapy services dealing with a broad range of issues :

Addictions : codependency

Addictions : substance abuse

Addictions : internet

Anger management


Bullying and self-esteem

Christian Counselling

Chronic Illness

Communication improvement


Pre-Teens from 12 to 15

Teenagers over 16

Grief counselling

Medical assistance in dying

Relationship issues

Sexual abuse

Sexual health

Spiritual counselling


Workplace Stress


We believe in the best in each and every person!