Therapy that offers peace and comfort that you will be welcomed in all aspects of your life.

Faith based Therapy is designed as a solution for people seeking traditional psychotherapy services while integrating religious and spiritual beliefs into this therapeutic process. Fides Therapy takes into account the many aspects of human growth and faith offering a spiritually integrated psychotherapy. Thus, helping individuals find a greater sense of freedom, wholeness, and more profound happiness.

Our spiritually integrated & faith based Therapy services include :

Faith Based Therapy

Fides Therapy advocates respect, authenticity and the human growth of people within their own values ​​and own religious philosophy. We know that faith can be significantly important to people, whatever their religious background. We are therefore proud to offer therapeutic services to clients of any religious or spiritual background

Christian Therapy

Christian counselling combines principles of psychology in relation to your spiritual orientation to improve your over all well-being. Christian counselling provides support by exploring faith to help you better manage and/or resolve any life issues. We offer a therapy that takes into account your spiritual and human growth, combining both so you can find a healthy and inspiring way to be in relationship with God, people and yourself.

Vocational Therapy

Targeted therapy for religious and lay individuals which takes into account aspects such as faith, the vocational call, the different elements of spirituality in everyday life. Providing therapy that responds to authentic religious life's demand while respecting the religious privacy of people and communities.

Spiritual Care Counselling

I offer spiritual care for individuals, families and couples coping with illness, loss, grief or pain to help them gain a new sense of meaning to life and better understanding of their life crisis. I consider the whole human experience when someone is experiencing the crisis of illness and related suffering. Feeling connected to one’s spiritual source in times of trouble can help you find meaning and purpose.

Fides Therapy takes into account the reality of people's faith and the realm of people's religious beliefs. It advocates respect, authenticity and the human growth of people within their own values ​​and own religious philosophy. We believe that for therapy to be successful, it is necessary to support an integral vision of the person and thus take into account the human and the spiritual reality within the very life of the individual. We believe that the authentic growth of an individual lies in an integral harmony of the person in all of his human dimensions.

Your story, your life and your reality is sacred and precious to us.